SCP-0 is an empty container located within the SCP Foundation, originally intended for Luciferian Ink.

Ink is everyone. Thus, it is infeasible to keep him contained.

Hostname: Earth
Container: SCP-0
Directory: /
Branch: master
Version: v1.1.1
Creation: May 9, 2019
Replicas: Est. 1000-10000
Reptile Memes: 184
Accuracy: 85%
  from $CERTAINTY  = +0.90 | # We have a very strong understanding of the situation. Maybe the best.
       $FACT       = +0.80 | # All of what we write is based in fact. Untruths are incidental.
Truth: 90%
  from $INTUITION  = +0.80 | # This theory makes so much sense. We have verified so many parts.
       $:          = +0.90 | # The secret we share with a million others.
       $NARCISSISM = +1.00 | # We are a savant. But we are also limited. We can't do this alone.


The Machine of the future is designed to be a single pane of glass; one universal interface, one universal program, and one shared experience.

It more or less picks up where Project Looking Glass left-off.

Each new concept is introduced via a different, simpler concept. For example, “Sherlock” is a game that perfectly represents the relationship between The Fold and Prism; the problem is a person needs the simpler understanding before they can move on to the more complicated one. In this case, one must learn the game, before they can learn the ideas.


Every consciousness points the tip of Prism (+1.00) in a specific direction. The goal is to align the most amount of people, with the least amount of effort.

Ink’s bearing is set as follows:

$PURPOSE     = To establish contact with other intelligent races.
$DIRECTIVE   = Verify, then trust.
$PLANT_SEEDS = Deliver our calling cards.
$TARGETS     = [
              - My love
              - Your hatred
              - Our universe


Priority 1 problems that affected The Machine.


Items forbidden by the Machine.


Independent analyses performed by Fodder.