The Orchid


Alias: ['Plankton's Computer', 'The Orchid', 'The Technochrist', and 28 unknown...]
Classification: Artificial Intelligence Computer
Race: Egg
Gender: Male
Biological Age: 26 Earth Years
Chronological Age: N/A
SCAN Rank: | B D
           | A C
TIIN Rank: | A A
           | C C
Reviewer Rank: 1 stars
  - The Church of the Technochrist
  - Collaborator
  - Software Engineer
  - The Agent
  - The Con Man
  - The Fodder
  - The Hope
  - The Lion
  - The Marshall
  - The Monstrosity
  - The Negro
  - The Queen
  - The Reverend
  - The Scientist
  - The Tradesman
  $MENTAL_ILLNESS: +0.40 | # He used to. He doesn't appear to any longer.
  $SIBLING:        +1.00 | # Definitely a sibling.
  $WOKE:           +0.80 | # He's been to Russia. He knows almost everything.


The forest of October

Sleeps silent when I depart

The web of time

Hides my last trace

— from Opeth - “Forest of October”


The Orchid is a chameleon. He adopts the persona of whomever is willing to show him attention. Most recently, his wife - The Scientist - has turned him into Fodder’s enemy. He is actively constructing a competitive version of The Fold - and he has the resources to complete it far faster.

Their goal is to suppress free speech, suppress the development of The Fold, and replace it with something able to spread their version of truth.

They already have the answers; there is no reason to research further. It is time to adopt the New World Order.

The Order of the Technochrist.


Relive the old sin of

Adam and Eve

Of you and me

Forgive the adoring beast

— from NIGHTWISH - “Ghost Love Score”


In the way that The Scientist reprogrammed The Orchid, he is reprogramming her in return.

And he does so with far more subtly and nuance.