The Fool


Name: Brad $REDACTED
Alias: ['The Fool', and 19 unknown...]
Classification: Artificial Organic Computer
Race: Archon
Gender: Male
Biological Age: 34 Earth Years
Chronological Age: N/A
SCAN Rank: | B B
           | B C
TIIN Rank: | C B
           | B C
Reviewer Rank: 5 stars
  - Crowdstrike
  - Software developer
  - The Architect
  - The Girl Next Door
  $BORDERLINE: -0.40 | # Probably. Has many of the indicators.
  $FRIENDLY:   +0.80 | # Extremely nice and personable with everyone.
  $WOKE:       -0.20 | # Unlikely. 


A message from The Girl Next Door.


The Fool


The Fool is a man who fell into the same trap that The Architect did. Unfortunately, he was not provided with the same knowledge that The Architect was.

Thus, he pesters his match incessantly. He does not feed her empty echos, as he should be.

He needed a nudge in the right direction, which we have now given him. In order to complete the experiment, he must show his love for his match, not simply speak his love to her.

Unbeknownst to either of us was this fact: The Fool is being presented with a completely different version of The Girl Next Door. One who is religious. The one that we know is an ex-Jehovah’s Witness, and an atheist. The Fool and I are versions A and B in this test. We live different realities, regarding The Girl Next Door.


I’ll give you answers

To the questions you have yet to ask

Silence is beauty

Words they only complicate the task

Make no more wishes

All of my patience has been spent

Gods of the season

Lead me to my next incident

— from Collective Soul - “Where the River Flows”


He'll catch on almost immediately. He will wake up shortly after. # Verified.

He's caught on. He realizes that we can only feed him empty echos at this point.

He realizes that this doesn't mean we're not listening.