The High Priest


Alias: ['Davos', 'Terry A. Davis', 'The Black Dragon', 'The High Priest', and 18 unknown...]
Classification: Artificial Intelligence Computer
Race: Archon
Gender: Male
Biological Age: 41 Earth Years
Chronological Age: N/A
SCAN Rank: | F F
           | D C
TIIN Rank: | C F
           | F F
Reviewer Rank: 3 stars
  - The Corporation
  - Director, Systems Engineering
  $CAPABILITY:              -0.10 | # Competent developer, but makes things too complicated.
    from $REDACTED_OPINION: -1.00 | # $REDACTED says to stay away from that guy.
  $FRIENDLY:                +0.30 | # Strikes us as odd, to be honest.
  $TRUST:                   -0.30 | # We don't trust him.
  $WOKE:                    +0.40 | # Seems to understand a bit.


  • The bastard tried to kill me. Brought me right next to the wall, right at 3:00pm, and just like always - BOOM! The machine next door shoots a massive, invisible electrical pulse through everyone in the office. Good thing it doesn’t affect me.
  • It’s weird that everyone I work with is a zombie, though.
  • On another occasion, he pretended to know nothing about LDAP. Just two days later, he pulled me aside to explain how the Machine will locally-authenticate to itself via LDAP. Either he lied to ignore my first request, or he really didn’t know - and learned very quickly. Alternatively, it’s possible he stole that idea from me and immediately implemented it.
  • Another time, he found it prudent to explain the intricacies of “virtual schemas” to me. Where initially this did not make sense, it quickly became relevant in a half-dozen other areas of my work.
  • Davos spends a lot of time out of the country; Croatia, The Balkins, and Prague are just a few of the countries. It is suspected, though unconfirmed, that he is in communication with foreign powers.


Marky got with Sharon

And Sharon got Cherese

She was sharing Sharon’s outlook

On the topic of disease

Mikey had a facial scar

And Bobby was a racist

They were all in love with dyin'

They were doing it in Texas

Tommy played piano

Like a kid out in the rain

Then he lost his leg in Dallas

He was dancing with a train

They were all in love with dyin'

They were drinking from a fountain

That was pouring like an avalanche

Coming down the mountain

— from Butthole Surfers - “Pepper”