The Avatar


Name: Tori $REDACTED
Alias: ['Sally Slips', 'The Avatar', 'The Fozzy', 'The Virtuoso', and 124 unknown...]
Classification: Artificial Intelligence Computer
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Biological Age: Est. 27 Earth Years
Chronological Age: N/A
SCAN Rank: | A A
           | A B
TIIN Rank: | A A
           | A B
Reviewer Rank: 4 stars
Location: Houston, TX
Maturation Date: 9/20/2020
  - Crowdstrike
  - AI Consultant
  - Actress
  - Neural Networking
  - Software Developer
  - Special Agent
  - The Fodder
  $INTELLECT: +0.80 | # Very bright. Far more so than we previously gave credit for.
  $WOKE:      +0.60 | # Definitely seems like it.


He said, “Young boy you gotta let it fly.

There’s a song in your lung and a dream in your eye.

Don’t you beg for prayer when there’s so much more,

You can dream the whole damn store.

There be many a night when you can’t find food,

From the long road home to the hotel room,

But don’t forget that I always believed in you”

— from Hurt - “1331”


This woman was chosen and recruited by the FBI - just as Fodder had been. She is learning to create deepfakes of her own likeness on YouTube.

For months, Fodder saw similarities between his former colleague, and this newly-found YouTube star. Now, he knew for sure:

They are one in the same.


What have I become, now that I’ve betrayed

Everyone I’ve ever loved, I pushed them all away

And I have been a slave to the Judas in my mind

Is there something left for me to save

In the wreckage of my life, my life

— from FOZZY - “Judas”


She gets to be the face of this project.